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A Look At The Biggest ‘Atopa Sekz’ Videos That Dropped In 2018

2018 is  over and it was an interesting year when it comes to the ‘Atopa’ industry. I mean we were hit with lots and lots of sex tapes that went viral on Social media and as the year ends, we want to remind you of some of the biggest sex-tapes that leaked in 2018.

Go through them for a rewind of events in the Atopa industry. Use the next buttons to go through the list.



1.Shatta Wale’s Blow Job session on Snapcaht.

We cannot forget the day Shatta Wale streamed his BJ on Snapchat. The dancehall king posted a video of him getting a good BJ from a woman who was said to be a part of SM Divas. In the video, that does not show the actor’s face but he cannot deny by swearing with Antoa that it was not him, Shatta and his friend ( some say Duke) are seen getting a BJ. It shocked the country, some of his fans even for a moment regretted being SM fans, but in a PR control, Shatta Wale denied it was him, saying someone took his phone and mistakenly posted it….—-Whoa,

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2. The Kitchen Stool Sex. Tape

Kitchen Stool

Oh yeah, how can we even forget this one? I would never forget the ‘Di Mi Na Mi Hu s3 yes’.  10 months ago, the nation was hit with what became the most popular atopa video which saw a headmaster banging his student on a kitchen stool. The video became soo popular on Social media that, Social media started the ‘KitchenStoolChallenge’


3.Aisha’s Threesome Tape

In July this year, a video of a beautiful young girl known as Aisha been banged by 2 boys went viral on Whatsapp. She later disclosed that she didn’t know she was been recorded.

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4. Former Legon Student Caught Up In Pono Mess

In February we were shocked with a video of a former Legon student shagging a white lady, in what looks like a P*rn video. In an interview , he told us he was only having some adventure and had paid the lady in the video for sex and that the video was not supposed to be published. According to him, it was something that he regretted doing.

5.The Fake Mzvee SexTape

In April we woke up to a viral video of some girl who looks like Mzvee. Some felt it was her, but it wasn’t her at all.

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6.The Anim Otabil Sex Tape

In September, a video of a pastor known as Anim Otabil leaked on the internet. The video went viral because of the surname as many thought it was the daughter  of the popular Pastor Otabil.

7. The Video Of A Nurse Masturbating.

Recall the 40 seconds video of a nurse who was seen touching herself in places? Well, this video trended on Social media as many couldn’t believe why she even had to record herself.


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