Princess Shyngle Pregnant

Actress Princess Shyngle Pregnant !!! What Womb is She Going to Use to Carry that Baby?


Princess Shyngle Pregnant,

There are many wonders in life and things that can never be understood but probably the biggest miracle we’ll ever see would be when Princess Shyngle finally becomes a mother.


The Gambian-Ghanaian actress with no midsection carrying a baby to term and safely delivering is going to be tagged as the 8th wonder of the world.

And that might happen sooner than anyone thinks. A recent post from Shyngle we’ve spotted online shows the actress has had a pregnancy scare.

According to her, after last chopping herself in December she has missed her period and is now scared that she’s pregnant.

She wrote: “The last time I had sex was with my ex in December… January came and passed and I didn’t see my period We’re now in February and I still haven’t seen my period. So I’m about to take a pregnancy test… Wish me luck y’all.”

Check out her post only question is which womb is going to house that baby?

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Princess Shyngle Pregnant




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