Tracey Boakye Buy New House

Actress Tracey Boakye Buys New House In Accra at age 28– Watch Video

Kumawood actress and movie producer Tracey Boakye is definitely not ready to misuse the cash she is earning from all her businesses.

In January 2018, Miss Boakye opened her 5-bedroom house in Kumasi


. A little over a year after finishing that house located somewhere in Kumasi, can report that the Shakira Movie Production boss has acquired a new one in Accra.

The happy mother of one in an Instagram post on Saturday announced to the world that she is a new owner of a house in Accra. In the post sighted, Tracey Boakye made it clear the announcement was not meant to show off her newly acquired house but to motivate the youth of Ghana that one can own two houses at age 28 just like what she has done.

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According to her, filmmaker Kofi Asamoah of Kofas Media pushed her to acquire the house and she has never regretted listening to the advice.

Tracey Boakye in the post wrote “Who says you can’t be the owner of 2 mansions in Ghana at 28years? It was never part of my plans to own a property in Accra, till @1kofiasamoah kept disturbing me to relocate, I’m not here to show off, but just to encourage my younger ones, yes!! I’ve worked soo hard for this, haven’t slept on my bed for over 2 months just to push my movie to this level and with my huge international deal. I could have flown out of the country and have the best of HOLIDAYS, but still decided to build my future. #babymama movie has brought me this far. @1kofiasamoah I took your advice. Thanks to all that supported me with the sales of my tickets and everything. God bless you all. I love you Ghana. Thanks for supporting my work. I will be having a party for the first time in my second house in Accra for all my cast and crew for BABYMAMA movie. #proudowner #accraLandLady 💪💪💪

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Tracey Boakye Buys New House In Accra


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