‘All My Life I’ve Known that Christians Are The Most Judgemental People In the World’ — KiDi With the Bitter Truth – VIDEO

Lynx Entertainment singer KiDi has spoken out boldly against ‘judgemental Christians’ and said they are pushing people away from the religion.

According to him, Christians are super judgemental and thus make people uninterested in joining their highly regulated cult.



KiDi complained that a Christian can invite you to Church but if for some reason you can’t make it they’ll start judging you, your lifestyle and then prophesy hell into your future.


Other religions such as Islam, according to KiDi, don’t go around forcing people to church or judging them.

Obviously, this young man wants trouble and I know Ghanaians would give it to him. Aside showing off your a$$ets, the easiest way to grab the attention of Ghanaians is to diss their precious religion.

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The reaction to this should be fun.

Watch the video below



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