Another ‘Foolish Case’ In The Making? Stonebwoy says he is going sue Gh Bloggers. Waste of Money, We are ready go!!!!!!

Dancehall artist, Stonebwoy who is currently in court for pulling a gun in public and likely to be handed a reasonable jail term has threatened to sue Ghanaian bloggers who published news about his flopped Kenya concert dubbed “Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

The question is how many blogs or bloggers can Stonebwoy sue over news that he was kicked out of his hotel room in Kenya after the concert flopped?


All the blogs or bloggers that reported the news sourced it to one Kenyan celebrity blogger known as Xtian Dela who stated categorically that Stonebwoy got kicked out of his hotel room because organisers of the concert, Morgan Heritage refused to pay the bills.

Stonebwoy was in Kenya where the above-mentioned blogger lives but couldn’t sue him or threaten him to retract or delete his tweet in relation to the concert but came to Ghana and threatened bloggers with a lawsuit ─ thinking that after all Ghanaian bloggers become scared when they hear of a lawsuit.

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How do you sue Ghanaian bloggers when the source of information, Xtian Dela is widely known and even operates with a verified account on Twitter?

This is what I call inferior intimidating tactics to scare the hell out of Ghanaian bloggers to stop publishing news which does not go in the favour of musicians.

News, whether good or bad should be published but unfortunately, in Ghana, every bad news about a musician or celebrity is labelled as ‘fake news’!


Stonebwoy’s lawsuit threat to Ghanaian bloggers ─ another ‘foolish case’ in the making?


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