Best Five TV Decoders to Buy in Ghana



Minister of Communication announced in July 2017 that Ghana will Completely switch from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting . This means that any Ghanaian who want watch Television with the Analogue Tv will have to do so by, buying and an approved Set Box that complies with Ghana’s Digital Terrestrial Television receiver standard.



In Analogue Broadcasting, the signal is from continues wave, where as the Digital is from the discrete bits of Information.Digital signals are encoded.

If you want to buy the best decoder in Ghana, you have to select the one with better signal and less subscription fee.

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The List below are the best Decoders in Ghana for now.

1 .Multi Tv Ghana.

Multi TV is so far the best set box to buy in Ghana since is 100% free and not expensive like other Decoders. Multi Tv is reliable except that sometimes when it rains the signal becomes poor.



2. GoTv

GoTv is one of the best in Ghana with over 22 channels and very good signal. Customers must subscribe monthly  in order to watch.

GoTv has four packages, GoTv Lite 22 Channels for 9GHC a month,Gotv Value 29Channels for 18GHS,GoTV Plus 43 Channels for 35GHS, and monthly subscription of 60GHS for GoTv Max for 50 Channels.

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DSTV and GoTv is one family. Multi Choice Africa.  The only difference they have is DSTV has more Channels than GoTv and  and the price is higher than GoTv. DSTV Ghana has 5 Packages and 3Add-on from 18GHC  To 330GHS as monthly subscription.

4. StarTimes

Startimes also have good signal and provide affordable Digital service. Star Times Combor and Decoder is currently been sold at 140 GHC.



5. First Digital Tv.

First Digital has more than 19 program channels and users have to pay  monthly Subscriptions before they can watch the channels.


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