Claudia Sassou Nguesso: The daughter of Congo’s president sex tape Leaked

Claudia Sassou Nguesso
Claudia Sassou Nguesso - AFROSCANDAL

Congo-Brazzaville’s President’s daughter, Claudia Sassou Nguesso was recently involved in a blackmail scandal and when she refused to oblige her blackmailer went ahead to released her sex tape.

Claudia Sassou Nguesso, 50, is married to a lawyer but she kept a side-dude.



Apparently the alleged sex tape was recorded by her boyfriend during their intercourse but he made sure his face did not show.

Now, the said boyfriend then blackmailed the president’s daughter with the tape demanding an amount of $50,000 US dollars.

Claudia Sassou Nguesso’s refusal to pay the money got her alleged boyfriend share the sex tape online which went viral.

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In June this year, she was indicted on corruption charges in France over the purchase of a mansion valued at $ 3.4million in the swanky Paris Suburb of Neuilly Sur Seine just North of the Ritzy 16th arrondissement, according to media reports in Congo


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