Dear Ghanaian Men, 5 Careers for your Woman that will poison you love relationship

Careers for Woman that will poison you love relationship,


My brother if you deeply suffer from insecurity in  your relationship, well Boss you better choose your spouse wisely. You don’t  want to suffer depression and broken heart when you think of the possibilities of your lady in the hands of another guy.


Choose wisely as the list below exposes careers of women with high rates of cheating.


Some nurses go to work on night duty, taking care of clients and attending to their health needs. They also have to assist the doctors in their Consulting rooms. The likes of  Doctors like my friend Dr. Enerst Okyere, could take advantage of such nurses, luring them to late night romp in the doctor’s office, while you turn and toss on your cold bed alone.

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Reconsider before you fall in love for an air hostess. There are so intelligent and beautiful. But if you woman flies in and out of the country then you have reasons to worry my guy.

Oh yea, She is meeting with the wealthy sultans and the Arabian Princes that could seduce them into giving their TONGA for cash. My Brother the temptation is soo real.



If she is working in some club or bar to raise cash for her up keep, you are not far from breaking up with her because of her nature of her job. Drunk guys spanking her ass so hard as she serves drinks, Rich men giving her some papers for sexual healing, her Boss putting pressure on her to work late in the night to get promotion.

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This industry is full of team m3 dwamu ”AGO F*CK”. Some actress have to give their TONGA to make them get cast. Girls with with talent but stingy are literally denied a chance. Sir lets face it. When you are in the limelight, you get to meet fresh guys with loaded account and influence that could sweep off our feet. If you are chopping an actress you have plenty to worry.


5. House Helps

With the rate unemployment in this country, campus graduates are now opting to do jobs as house helps to get money. Not once, not twice will their  Boss try to take advantage of them through sæxual assaulting them. They then kick them out after getting them pregnant.

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