Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui Is A Disgrace To Ewe Women Everywhere

The irresistible Counsellor George Lutterodt has come very hard at Fella Makafui, the trending ‘queen’ of the moment.

Lutterodt has taken offence at Fella allegedly selling her body to make cash, calling her a disgrace to all Ewe women across the world.


Lutterodt went on to add that Fella is teaching young girls the wrong message with her behaviour and he’s immensely surprised that feminist groups have not been speaking out about it.

“What Fella is doing, ewe women do not do that. I plead with all the women in Ghana to call her to book and if by mistake Medikal is in love with her, he should learn to do the right thing,” Lutterodt fired.

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“I like Fella Makafui, her industrialism and all that but what is going on is a rot that must be stopped and if she doesn’t want to hear my voice, those that she believes in their voice should speak to her.”




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