Police man set record as first man to get his S-tape with Girlfriend Leaks 72-hours Into 2019


Police man set record as first man to get his Sextape with Girlfriend,

Counsellor Lutherodt in a recent interview stated that the year 2018 was very boring because only a few sex tapes leaked but it looks like 2019 isn’t going to be a boring year at all as a new tape of a Ghanaian man believed to be a policeman ‘hammering’ hard his girlfriend has hit the internet barely 2 days into 2019.


In the video  sited online by, the policeman was seen giving all the acrobatic styles destroying  the pussy and his girlfriend who was also very much actively responding sexually to the styles.


They were seen in all sort of styles, the bend down boutique, kitchen stool, missionary and others ─and from the look on his girlfriend’s face, she was really having the best pleasure of her life.


Due to the strict  privacy policies of , the leaked video cannot be published on this site but a little search on some of the leak sites should land you on that dangerous chopping video.

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