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HOT VIDEO🔥 🔥 : Chief of Enchi allegedly orders boy to be mercilessly beaten, Reason will shock you

A young man and a resident of Enchi in the Western North Region has been taught a lesson of a lifetime after he was mercilessly flogged allegedly on the orders of the Chief, Nana Beyeeman Tano Kwaw Benhuin III, for flouting the rules of the town.

In a video, the victim is seen held to a table by some abled bodied men whille about three stoutly built men beat him repeatedly with big sticks amidst the young man yelling for help.


Not even the shouts of the victim who was in severe pains could stop the heartless men from happily assaulting the poor young man.

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After he was finally left free, the boy who laid on the floor of the Chief’s palace where the unlawful incident occurred could be heard writhing in pains.

Chief of Enchi allegedly orders boy to be mercilessly beaten
Chief of Enchi allegedly orders boy to be mercilessly beaten

Sources in the town tell that the young man acted against the orders of the Chief who had directed that all girls and boys below 18 years should not be seen in town beyond 9pm.

The victim reportedly sent a young girl out beyond the stipulated time which resulted in the men assigned by the Chief to enforce the rule confronting her. The girl is said to have reported the incident to the victim who inturn confronted the Chief’s people.

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They then reported the conduct of the victim to the Chief claiming he had insulted him(Chief) which caused the Chief to teach him a lesson by having him flogged.

Efforts to reach the Chief known in private life as Thomas Antwi Agyei to comment on the issue has proven futile.



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