How to snatch a Girl from her Boyfriend in just one week

How to snatch a Girl from her Boyfriend in just one week


How to snatch a Girl from her Boyfriend in just one week,




It’s true the girl you wish could be the love of your life is already someone’s property. If that is the case, then you have two options either to look in the remaining options of girls that are still single force yourself to love one of them or look for how to snatch that girl of your dreams from that guy who is probably not aware of the value precious girl he is owning.

One fact is that, no girl is single, you either snatch her from someone or share her with someone, but the best thing is to be the majority shareholder. With that all said, let me give tips to someone who is interested in snatching a girl from her boyfriend.


Build Communications. The first step you have to do is to develop communications between you and her. It might be difficult for you to do that since she may be used to you, so all you have to do is to make yourself friends with both of them, her and her boyfriend. Communicate with them regularly and establish a rapport.

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Is she happy with him? After building communication with her, the next thing you need to find out is if she’s happy with him. The answer is what will give you want to next. If she’s not happy with him, then its high time you take the next step and approach her, but if she’s happy, here is what you can do-:

Make her realize what she has been missing. Most girls are happy in relationships because they think they are getting what they are supposed to get. Your role is to get her realize that there’s something she’s missing. This may be outing life, sex life, beauty complements, appreciations, and many others. Let her realize that she deserves something better.

Build trust. This is the point where you have to let her trust in you, trust in the words you say, believe in the advice you give her and in fact be her advisor. It doesn’t matter if she’s still in her current relationship. Do not look like a greedy man who wants to snatch her. Just look like someone ready to help her.

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Improve your looks. This includes your physical appearance, your clothing styles, be someone worth to be loved.

Be an understanding man. Try to understand everything she tells you. Interpret it in the way she wants you to interpret it. In that way it will make a type of a man every lady wants. She will start looking at you as the solution to her problems.

Complement her. Look for every chance to complement her. Women love to hear how good they look and how well they are at something try not to look fake or flirting but every chance you get, tell her how great she’s. If her hair looks good, tell her, if she has nice eyes, tell her, do you like her body make up? Come on guy tell her! This makes her realize how great she would be to you. How you complement her more often than to her boyfriend.

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Look for an advantage over her current boyfriend. Remember you want to make her boyfriend a villain in the movie where you want to star, so you have to look at the weaknesses of her boyfriend and find how you can use that as the advantage. He’s your competitor, you need to get him off them market. Make the lady realize that it’s you and only you that she needs for her future. With those characters, you will emerge the winner as the new boyfriend of that girl you have just snatched.


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