Nikki Samonas

I Hate Guys With Pot Bellies, It’s As If They’re Pregnant -There’s No Way I’ll Date One — Nikki Samonas

Actress Nikki Samonas has given out her ‘specs’ of guys she’d like to date and if you have a pot belly then you’re disqualified.

Samonas apparently has no interest in sugar daddies, because she claims guys with a protruding stomach disgust her and she has no interest in them.


She was speaking with Emelia Brobbey on the latter’s show ‘Love Time with Emelia’ when she made the comments.


Asked about what she looks out for in a guy, Samonas said:

“Naturally, your first appearance counts. Secondly, I lookout for a guy who is outspoken, because of the kind of profession I am in, and I need such a guy to defend me in all situations,”

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She added: “Also, I want a guy who has an average height, and I hate guys who have potbellies. At least have an average potbelly…..Why is he pregnant…?” Samonas fired.

She added that she has no preference when it comes to colour, either dark or fair.

So there you have it guys. Potbelly is a no for Samonas.


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