Iceberg Slim apology letter to Juliet Ibrahim

I Lied, Cheated And Took Your Love For Granted – Juliet Ibrahim’s Ex-boyfriend Iceberg Slim Writes Apology Letter (READ)

Ex-boyfriend of actress juliet ibrahim, Iceberg Slim has penned a very emotional apology letter to her.

Iceberg and Juliet’s budding relationship hit the rocks amid speculations of cheating. Iceberg Slim has swallowed his pride and apologised to Juliet on instagram for all the pain he caused her.


In the open letter .read, the musician thanked Juliet for her unconditional love and asked her to forgive him for being a liar and a cheat.

We hope this is enough closure for Juliet who recently launched her book, “a toast to life”

Iceberg Slim apology letter to Juliet Ibrahim

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Iceberg Slim apology letter


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