I nearly fell in love with Kalybos after he touched me on set – Snapchat stripper, Shugatiti confesses

Popular Snapchat/Instagram nudist Shugatiti who is gradually moving to join the Kumawood movie industry after stripping in those movies have narrated how she nearly fell in love with Kalybos on set during a movie shoot.

Speaking in a recent interview after staring in a new Kumawood movie “Baby Mama” which also had Kalybos, Shugatiti claims she began to have feelings for Kalybos during the shoot of the movie.



Playing the role of a stripper in the movie as she does in real life, Shugatiti claims she was moved by how Kalybos touched her during the shoot.

She went on to narrate how Kalybos was very romantic in the movie and a perfect gentleman during the shoot of the movie.

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Considering the fact that she is a stripper and nudist in real life, it will come as a surprise if “Perfect Gentleman” Kalybos had the same feeling for her. We will keep you updated.


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