Pamela Odame Watara

I won’t do the interview Again, Pamela Odame Angrily Ends Interview & Run away after Exposed Of Not Being A Wisconsin Student

Who Is Pamela Odame Watara,

Ghanaian model and Video vixen, Pamela Odame Watara has been making headlines ever since her masturbation video surfaced online.

The controversial Model in an interview on Peace Fm on Saturday clarified the air on the n$de video that has fast gone viral.

However, in the course of the interview, she was quizzed if she is indeed a student of Wisconsin University which she confirmed in an earlier interview on the same station.


This was brought up after checks by panel member, Ola Michael revealed that Pamela had lied about being a student of Wisconsin.

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According to Ola Michael, Pamela only goes to the campus to visit her boyfriend who is a student of the school but Pamela insisted she is a student but failed to give enough proof to defend her claim.


According to Pamela, her school ID number is 15 but she had forgotten her student ID at home.

It got heated to a point Pamela said she cannot continue the interview anymore—which at that point it was clear, the shame was too much for her to contain.

The SRC president was later called on the phone to clarify things which she revealed that ’15’ is not a student ID number because their format doesn’t match what Pamela said.

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It was such an embarrassing moment for Pamela as she was exposed of not being a student of Wisconsin University.


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