George Lutterodt

If You Don’t Have Money to Enhance Your Breasts, Use Tennis Ball Or Socks. A Foolish Advice From Counsellor Lutterodt

Notorious blabbermouth Counsellor George Lutterodt is back with his latest absurd outburst.

If Lutterodt doesn’t fool he doesn’t eat so saying the craziest thing imaginable to grab attention is his entire life. How sad!


Having said that, let’s move on to today’s episode of crazy nonsense from Counsellor Lutterodt.

According to him, ladies with flat boobs and butts should have plastic surgery to enhance those body parts.

He opined that those without money to pay for the surgery should use tennis balls or socks to ‘hip’ those parts.

“If your breast or buttocks is flat, enhance it. For now, if you don’t have money use tennis ball or socks because there is no side effect to using socks under your breast,” the controversial counsellor said.

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He added that the Bible, the book which supposedly runs the life of Ghanaians, does not frown upon enhancing your body parts.


“Go and read Esther 2:12, the bible says, Esther was made up to meet the King…critics of body enhancement have a poverty mentality”.

Good news for Moesha and the squad then.


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