Shatta Michy sextape

IS OVER!! I can’t Marry You again, Shatta Michy finally says Bye Bye to Gbee Naabu.

Dancehall’s power couple Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy really look like they are done for good.

Michy has turned her Insta story this morning into a gold mine of personal information about Shatta Wale and herself.


Shatta’s betrothed has made many posts addressing the currently trending story that she has run away with Majesty and left Shatta Wale and you can tell she’s in her room fighting back tears whilst furiously typing, telling her side of the story.

In her latest posts, Michy once again laments how she has stood by Shatta through thick and thin and he’s now treating her badly.

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Michy reveals a lot – talks about how Shatta Wale was completely disgraced by his first baby mama before Michy believed in him and started dating him, how she never caused any trouble yet every time they fight she’s dragged publicly and portrayed as a violent lady.

For some reason, sh*t looks very real this time and not staged.

Check out Michy’s latest posts below…




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