KIDNEY FAILURE IN GHANA: Here are the 10 Things Ghanaians are doing that are killing their Kidneys


The kidneys are essential body organs but most people take them for granted until  they cease functioning. These can be infections of the kidneys, development of kidney stone or other health problems.

The kidneys are very important to our body as they are responsible for detoxifying the blood and filtering toxins and waste from the body. You need to keep your kidneys healthy because it have a lot of duties to perform.



Is unfortunate most of us don’t know that some of our daily habits can put our kidneys in danger.

Put a stop to the following habits before its too late.

  1. You don’t empty your Bladder right away.

There are times when you have to hold your wiwi and it’s not that harmful to your health. But if you do this habitually, it can cause damage to your kidneys.

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2. You Eat too much Salt.

Taking too much of salt on regular basis is very bad for your kidneys and your general health. The Kidneys breaks down 95% sodium from the foods we consume. That means when you take more salt the kidneys will have to do over work to remove the salts.This can make your liver function poorly and increase water retention.

3.You Do not Drink more Water.

Just like other parts of the body, the kidneys also needs enough water. Not taking much water can lead to less flow of water to your kidneys and as a result your blood could become thicker,making it difficult for kidneys to remove the toxins from the body.

4.You Drink too  much Coffee.

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Limit  your consumption of caffeine  to 3 cups daily if you want to maintain your kidney in a healthy way.

5.You’re a smoker.

Smoking has negative effect on you health including your body organs such as your kidneys. Smoking can cause hypertension that leads to less flow of blood to your kidneys.

6.You Eat too much Protein.

Protein it self is not bad,we need protein but too much of it can increase your risk of kidney disease.


7.You Eat too much Sugar.

Not only the Salt, Sugar can also contribute to decrease kidney functioning. Start avoiding sugary foods now to keep your kidneys healthy.

8.You take painkillers regularly.

Yes we need painkillers to reduce pains but some of us over do it. Others turn to even use it to reduce swelling,fever etc. Painkillers are bad for your kidneys.Use them wisely.

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9.You Drink too Much Alcohol.

If you are alcoholic you will kill your kidneys and cause serious health problem for your self. Take a  look at your drinking behavior before it gets late.

10.You do not sleep enough.

Sleep is very important to your health as well as your kidneys, because kidneys renew and refresh when you are asleep.



Is not late to quit these habits, as it will not only harm your kidney but can also prevent you from living a healthy life.

Stop know and stay healthy needs you alive.


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