List Of Fast selling Consumer Goods In Ghana

List Of Fast Selling Consumer Goods In Ghana

List Of Fast Selling Consumer Goods In Ghana,


Consumer goods are products that are purchased for consumption by the average consumer.


Also known as finished or Final goods, consumer goods are the end result of production and manufacturing and are what a consumer will see on the store shelf. Cloths, foods, and jewelry are all examples of consumer goods.

There are a set of consumer goods which Ghanaians consume more, or rather prefer hence they sell off faster than other goods and have listed them as follows below.

List Of Fast Selling Consumer Goods In Ghana

1. Milk

Many Ghanaians consume milk either for tea or fermented milk. Those upcountry mostly have their own cows but for many Ghanaians living in urban areas, milk is a necessary goods in shopping baskets hence it becomes one of the fastest moving consumer good. Some highly bought milk brands are Ideal Milk,Canation Milk,Peak,Brukina among others.


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2. Bread

Bread and milk are just like a pair. They go hand in hand and that’s why their sales are almost marching. Some of the most bought bread brands though are B-Foster bread, A1-Bread and Mothers Pride Bread at my village Kade -Pramkese.

3. Vegetables

Many of the fastest moving consumer goods compliment each other. Vegetables compliment Maize flour and their sales go hand in hand too. Some of the most consumed vegetables though are tomatoes, Spinach, Carrot just to name a few.

4. Washing detergents and soaps

Washing detergents and soaps have to appear on this list as we generally need to do cleaning everyday. They are necessary in our homes. Washing detergents and soaps brands like Omo, Sunlight, Geisha, Dettol, and Ariel sell the most.


5. Alcoholic Drinks

Ghana is one of top consumer of alcoholic drinks in West Africa . This means that alcohol move off the shelves very fast. Some of the most consumed alcoholic drinks brands are Akpeteshie ,Joy Bitters, Whiskey, Alomo, Vodka, Adonko Bitter, Guinness, to name just a few.


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6. Beauty Products

A favorite among women, women consume tonnes of beauty products yearly hence the reason why beauty products sell at a very high rate. Almost all beauty products brands sell fast because users have different preferences which suits them.


7. Fast Foods

Fast foods are a favorite among many Ghanaian in the cities. The increase in the number of fast food chains in Accra,kumasi,Kasoa,Koforidua, etc just speaks volumes that the rate of fast foods consumption is very high. This fast foods are like Burgers, Chips, Chicken, Pizzas,  just to name a few.



8. Sanitary products

Sanitary products are neccesary  because of health reasons. Some of the common sanitary products are Tissues, Pads, Pampers,wetwipes, toiletries eg bathing soap, shampoo, and toothpaste, toilet tissues,

9. Stationery

Stationery are essential in our normal day to day activities. Writing material are essential whether you are a student or not because businessmen use stationery, parents at home to keep records, employees at work and so on and so forth. This stationery are like books, pens, fullscaps, envelopes, pencils, erasers and even sharpeners.

10. Cooking oil and Salt

This are also compliments of vegetables hence one cannot buy one product and avoid the other. The most Preferred salt brand is U2 Iodated while preferred cooking oil brands are Frytol Cooking Oil,Gino etc


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