Shatta Wale and Michy

Love In the Air Again? Shatta Michy Now Complimenting Wale And Says I am proud of Him

At the time hese two lovebirds broke up for the final time some months ago, you just knew they would rather die than say any good thing about the other.

But since spending some quality time together recently, Wale and Michy are always complimenting the other in every public appearance.



It’s almost as if they’re trying to ‘patch’ things up again. Maybe they both miss smashing?

Anyway, Michy recently sat down with Joy News’ Becky for an interview and was asked about Wale.

The same man she once said is a child who refuses to grow up, has now become an unstoppable man who is living his dream.

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Michy said about Wale:  “This man is living his dream and nothing can stop him. I won’t try it, nobody should try to stop him,”

She added: “I have listened to his song featuring Beyonce and I am proud of him. I wish I could give him a standing ovation,”

Michy continued that Wale is his own person and Ghanaians should leave him alone and ‘let him live’.

Wow! Don’t be surprised if you see these two back together again at this rate. Love looks like it’s back in the air again.


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