Joro Olumofin

‘Men it is your duty to give your wife or girlfriend sex 12-15 times a week’ – Relationship expert

Popular Nigerian Relationship Expert, Joro Olumofin, has revealed that there’s something called sexual malnourishment and this is affecting a lot of relationships.

According to him, men must at least chop their wives/girlfriends 12-15 times weekly so that they can be satisfied enough.


He noted that of this is done on regular basis, the issue of cheating would not be heard in some relationships.

He wrote on Instagram:

“Men it is your duty to give your wife or girlfriend sex 12-15 times a week, every GIVEN week.

A lot of women are suffering in silence In their relationships because of SEXUAL MALNOURISHMENT, lugubriously when a woman asks for more sex It’s either she’s pulverizing a mans Ego or she’s a “hoe”.

If you’re sexually occupying your woman sexually 12-15 times every week. You won’t have time to occupy other women. Also if you can’t do this you shouldn’t be in a relationship.”

Watch video below:

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