Nigerian Medical Doctor goes na.k.ed For Her Followers (Photos+VIDEO)

Social media has created a generation of idiots’ out of the youth of today, as  Editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong often says.

Every single day, something happens to prove almost beyond reasonable doubt how dumb social media is making us collectively.



Take a lady identified as a Nigerian medical doctor who decided that just for the purposes of trending, she will strip down to her underwear.

In a barely fitting bra and panties, she jiggled her gargantuan melons whilst saying that she’s praying for everyone’s cups to get full and overflow for the rest of the year.

Overflow just like her bra is overflowing!

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The video was shared on facebook with the caption: “Medical doctor strips to her underwear then jiggles her breasts as she prays for her followers,”


Web users were unimpressed and called her out for the video. Some threatened to report her to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, MDCN. Another accused her of disgracing the oath of her profession for clout.


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A medical doctor doing yawa for followers

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Watch the video and see comments below.


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