Pre Valentine Day Photos

PHOTOS: Ghanaian Women Rehearse Dangerous Yoga Positions Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

It’s two days to Valentine’s Day and as usual, the women are warming their butts up for the red day and these pre-Valentine’s Day photos of some Ghanaian women in various dangerous Yoga positions will make you pee!

In these photos, a bunch of Ghanaian women in the name of Yoga were seen in their red leggings with white coloured tops exhibiting their Yoga skills in preparations ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day.


As a man, you are bound to pay for anything expensive after these dangerous Yoga positions are exhibited by your wife, side chick or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think!

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pre vals2

pre vals3

pre vals4

pre vals5Pre Valentine Day Photos

pre vals6Pre Valentine Day Photos

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pre vals8Pre Valentine Day Photos


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