Photos: Naked Photos won’t break me! -Mamokete Matsepe

THE small town of Dewetsdorp in Free State was abuzz on Wednesday thanks to Mamokete’s nudes.

The photos were posted on social media by her ex-boyfriend.


Many women on social media thought Mamokete Matsepe (21) was embarrassing them by exposing her punani, while most men said they loved brave women like her.

Mamokete Matsepe
  • Tshepo Motlatsi (44) said: “I’ve never seen a brave and beautiful woman like Mamokete. We have known her as a sweet girl in our area and many adored her beauty. I thought I was dreaming when I saw her punani. We have our own star and I’m glad about it.”
  • Mathapelo Moretlo (37) said she was worried that young kids would see her as a role model.
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“I have a 19-year-old daughter who might think this is a cool thing to do. I’m disgusted. This is Women’s Month and we should embrace good things like Banyana Banyana winning their games,” said Mathapelo.

But Mamokete said the photos did not break her soul as she wasn’t ashamed of her beautiful body.

She told Daily Sun: “When I took those photos, I was planning to make them go viral on Instagram. I wasn’t angry as that was my initial plan.”

She said the photos were taken by a professional photographer three months ago. She said she changed her mind about posting them on social media and sent them to her ex instead.

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She said she won’t open a case against him as she had forgiven him.

Mamokete Matsepe sextape  Mamokete Matsepe Naked Mamokete Matsepe punani
Mamokete Matsepe sextape  Mamokete Matsepe Naked Mamokete Matsepe punani

“I wasn’t ashamed but I just didn’t expect someone to post them before I did. People have told me I’m beautiful.

“I love women who take nude photos, so I wanted to show that I also embrace my body and want women not to be ashamed of their bodies.”


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