Claudia Sassou NGuesso

President Of Congo Reacts To His Daughters Claudia Sassou Nguesso Leaked Video

The President of Congo Brazzaville has responded to the current alleged trending s’extape video of his married daughter and her boyfriend, to cutlong story short he is claiming the video is a work of his opposition party trying to discredit him not to contest for their next elections.

the response was originally released in french;


Diffamation : Claudia Sassou NGuesso, objet d’une cabale médiatique

La fille du Président  du Congo Brazzaville, Claudia Sassou N’Guesso fait en ce moment l’objet d’une cabale médiatique au sein de la Diaspora congolaise en Europe.

On connait la chanson, plus l’information est énorme, plus elle est crédible et c’est par ce procédé que les diffamateurs à la solde des rivaux politiques de son père font circuler de fausses vidéos d’ébats s*xuels liés à elle dans les réseaux sociaux. En effet,  dans l’une de ces vidéos scandales, on voit un homme en train de limer le “Grisbi” d’une femme pendant qu’elle réclame l’orgasme. Drôle de ressemblance, heureusement que ce n’est pas Claudia, mais plutôt une américaine.

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Defamation: Claudia Sassou NGuesso, object of a media cabal

The daughter of the President of Congo Brazzaville, Claudia Sassou N’Guesso is currently the subject of a media cabal within the Congolese Diaspora in Europe.

We know the song, the more the information is enormous, the more credible it is, and it is through this process that the defamers in the pay of its father’s political rivals circulate false videos of s’ex-related s’exual intercourse in networks social. Indeed, in one of these scandal videos, we see a man filing the “Grisbi” of a woman while she claims orgasm. Funny resemblance, fortunately it is not Claudia, but rather an American.

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Accused of making counterfeit money, evil practices or managing networks of prostitution, it is no longer clear where to put the head of all these false rumors orchestrated by a Congolese opposition, disorganized and seeking at all costs to hurt and to dishonor his father. It must be said that since its failure in the last presidential election, the Congolese Opposition has lost much ground to the point of limiting itself to low tasks.


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