Things That Make You Poor,

Things That Can Easily make you poor in Ghana

Things That Make You Poor

So i have compile a list of some of the things that can easily make you poor here in  Ghana as a youth.

1.Spending too much time on Academic/School


Yes we all know education is good but sometime doing too much of everything become abnormal.You get someone with degree in Business administration and CPA and this same person is studying MSC Finance,MBA,Phd, etc oh my God for heaven sake what will you do with all these certificates? Most People after spending a lot of time in Class with good grades come out with no work available for them.Remember all the time years you are studying someone out there is putting up an empire to employ you and give less than 1000 Ghana Cedis.

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Remember too much of everything is poisonous. The only ideal is Masters the rest are all useless.

2.Women and Alcohol.

things that make you poor
things that make you poor

This two are like twins and the go together. If you are into both,the you are dead. Let me leave it there.

3. Betting/Gambling.

Now Betting which used to be for the Rich men have now been taken over buy the poor youth.Gambling is a game of chance, or let me say Luck. Gambling can not lift you out of poverty, First you will win small which will make you happy but my brother you will lose endlessly. And some Ghanaian youth see this as their future.

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4. Not Minding your Own Business:

What is making most Ghanaian youth poor is monitoring other peoples business. The time you are squandering is enough to build an empire for yourself.

5.Working for Somebody.

That is not bad but as a young person immediately you get a contract you have to plan your exist strategy. That means you draw your own business plan and you will soon be your own Boss. Who doesn’t want to be Boos?

Decide what to earn and fulfill your ambitions.


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