Kuame Eugene

‘When I’m Writing Songs, I Only Think About My Girls’ & not Boys- Kuame Eugene

Eugene Kwame Marfo has revealed in a recent interview on YFM that it’s women who inspire him to produce the beautiful lyrics he churns out.

Perhaps that’s the reason why most of the themes which revolve around his music are always about women and the love he has for them. “When I’m writing my songs, I don’t really think of the guys, even though I have made a song for them which is ‘Adwene Fi’, he said.


“Girls are my priority when I’m writing my songs”  He emphasized.

On the same show, the singer said he won’t sit down and watch any artist override him with any needless beef, warning that whoever starts anything like that will regret. Read more here…

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Eugene Kwame Marfo, who goes by the stage name Kuami Eugene is a Ghanaian highlife and afrobeats singer-songwriter.


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