‘You no fit cook jollof, elections turn fiasco, so what Nigeria fit do well?’- Ghanaians shade Nigerians

Ghanaians start dey throw shade at Nigerians after di Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission (INEC) announce say dem dey postpone di election for one week hours to di polls.

West African neighbour, Ghana, dey wonder what else Nigerians go fit do well sake of dem no dey fit cook jollof, elections too dem no fit hold am.


Ghana den Nigeria get dis friendly love-hate relationship which dey make dem tease each other most times. Check like Ghanaians take advantage of di latest outcomes for di Nigeria election take draw blood from dema neighbours.

Some Ghanaians enter social media dey ask Naija say apart from eba and bitter leaf soup, what else dem fit do sake of dem no dey fit cook jollof, elections too dem no dey see kpaa.

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Di dramatic move by INEC to postpone di elections for one more week shock Nigerians themselves, as dem no dey barb how INEC go take four years prepare den talk say sake of logistics issue dem dey postpone am.

INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu talk say “to go on plus di election as scheduled no longer be feasible.”

He talk say dis be difficult decision but e be necessary sake of dem wan ensure free and fair electoral process.

INEC reschedule di presidential and parliamentary elections go for Saturday 23 February.



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