Young Man’s Atopa Video In His Sonata With Girlfriend EXPOSED!

After we all watch it, I will delete it. In fact, I will even let you delete it your self.

Those were the words from a man who was recording the moment a girl was giving him the cow-girl position in his Sonata Car while it rained.


Yes, we couldn’t ignore the sound the poor wiper made as it wiped the rains off the windscreen but we cared less about the sound as our eyes were fixated on the atopa moment.

We hate writing about these kinds of stories seriously, but sometimes we feel writing about them will serve as a caution to others, so they can learn a thing or two from it.

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When you are having sekz, never allow anyone to record you for no reason–Not even if the person is your husband because anything can happen and the video will end up in wrong hands.

Fortunately for these couples, we didn’t get to see their face although the man’s face showed some how.

We want to add the video, but we get criticised by other readers for publishing Atopa stories but people forget we are an entertainment blog, so anything flies here because everyone has their own interest, you can always skip the stories you don’t like.

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