Zari Hassan Opens Up War with NBS TV’s Zahara Totto

There is a bitter war ongoing between the South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and NBS/SANYUKATV gossip queen Zahara Totto that we are uncertain if it will reach to the climax so soon.

According the beauty from Busoga, Totto has on several occasions used her opportunity of working on a National Television to spread lies and talk ill about the beauty from Busoga for her own person interests something that she isn’t ready to entertain.



Zari has rather advised the mother of three to concentrate on working on her big tummy and irregular figure instead of penetrating into her private life since she is already an established figure.

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Zahara toto, funa kuclass, sala kukibuto, Fikisinga me kala ebiri ezo zolina. And oh stop feeding pple with lies abt me I don’t need your mentions, am already relevant. Happy New year,” stated Zari on her Instagram social media platform.



Accordingly, during the 30 Billion New Year’s concert last Monday at Pearl of Africa Hotel, Kampala city that was headlined by Nigerian and West African music icon Davido, Zari Hassan who allegedly was the co-host of the show down lost her cool and fell down having failed to shift her late husband’s friends in the Richgang led by tycoon Cheune from the VIP table that she had prepared for Davido and her children amazingly reaching to the extent of ignoring her request to move to another table.

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Totto through her sources (the ushers who were in attendance on the fateful day) affirms that Zari after being shamed by the Cheunes and the fact that she was already drunk couldn’t hold her momentum and ended up falling down.




Though the Boss Lady is refuting the rumours as trash, the motor mouthed UNCUT show host has vowed not to succumb to intimidations in this brand new year 2019 vowing to bring it down to Zari if she dares goes on with her personal attacks on her private life.

“I gat more where that came from !!! 2019 am not ceasing to no one . Come at me I come back at you !!!!! B**ch you fell accept the fact !!!!

Don’t try to come after me knowing the consequences of wanting to be in the media all the time . If you can’t handle the pressure quite !!! This is nathing ! More is yet to come ! #forward to the old hag zari!!,” Zahara Totto roared back to the stressed out Zari.

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Watch the video below:


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